Thank you.

Happy Birthday to Yoga Innovations, you’re 8 years old this year!

It wouldn’t be possible without all of you: the students and friends of YI. Who have stuck with us over these years, some of you have been here since the doors opened 8 years ago.  You have endured the growing pains and learning curve my “first baby” syndrome.  I had never been a mom before. Owning a business or having an actual baby.  And to do both at the same time proved(es) to be a bigger challenge than I ever imagined.  One I wake up to take on passionately every day with joy.  Thank you to all of the students for your compassion, acceptance and patience with me as a business owner, a mom and a person.  Thank you for believing in us, and continuing to come back and invest in us again and again.  We are blessed and thankful for you.



Thank you for giving me the chance to fulfill my dreams. Without you, Yoga Innovations would never have been around for the adopting.  Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful creation.  You mean the world to me and to this place. Thank you for continuing to treat it as if it still was your own (and I mean in all the right ways not in the ways that could have made this really messy.) You have been a pillar of strength and wisdom when I need it most. Thank you.



Thank you for being the woman behind the curtain for all these years.  You may not have a weekly spot on the schedule but your involvement in the day to day doings in this place is appreciated and our kids and special needs programming would not be what it is today without your insight, education and guidance. Thank you for affirming the work and holding us to the highest standard.  I love having the first teacher training graduate still on this team today continuing to teach me.



There is something so special about you that is hard to put into words.  Your commitment to your own authenticity and integrity allows people to show up in their natural form.  When you are around, everyone is more themselves.  It’s a gift I have seen in action time and time again.  I feel that way when I am around you, and I see it happen to others.  Thank you for continuing to show up again and again as exactly the person you are.  We are blessed to have you in our lives.


Jess D

From the moment we first met (this sounds like a love story) I knew you would be a key player on this team  (I guess it kind of is a love story).  You bring a brightness to even the darkest spaces.  Your bold personality encourages others to shine just as bright.  Thank you for infusing your classes and our lives with something special every time you arrive.  Your attention to detail is appreciated and I look forward to sharing in the new experiences you’re constantly coming up with.


Jessica E

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and always asking the perfect questions.  You help me see the big picture and the missing details somehow all at once, and without your insight things would be very different.  Thank you for bringing Restorative Yoga and Meditation to YI.  (Ya, high five this girl for sure).  Your knowledge has advanced YI’s community and also my abilities as a business owner and as a mother. Thank you.



Thank you for helping me keep all of the things together.  Without your support and reliability I truly could not have done it without you.  Thank you for helping keep my thoughts straight and decoding the ones that aren’t.  You have helped me put into words what I have known in my heart, a skill you have utilized for so many other people too. Thank you for everything you have done over the years.  



Some people are angles, and you might just be one of them.  You have this uncanny knack for having people say out loud exactly what they need to hear.  Your raw passion for life and love has given me fresh perspective on so many different things.  Thank you for not being afraid to say what needs to be heard, and saying it in just the right way. Thank you for taking the time to listen closely to hear all the details.  Thank you for being you.



You’re one of those people who I want to talk to for forever.  Your thirst for knowledge and understanding gives inspiration to those who ask questions.  Thank you for continuing to ask and answer questions.  Your ability to stay true to yourself is a blessing to others, and even moreso you allow us to be ourselves– free of judgement. Thank you for continuing to see the big picture and the details at the same time as your ideas and insight have helped YI stand taller.



The wisdom of your soul is far beyond your years.  There is this smooth understanding spirit you have that makes everyone feel at ease.  The way you deliver your message, it’s always so clear, so thought out, so “yes this is exactly what I need to do” I feel you can read the soul.  Thank you for sharing your heart with us.



Thank you for saving me time and time again.  You have this innate intuition to know right when to step in and when to stay on the sidelines.  Your strength, tenacity and passion for life has been an inspiration on the darkest days.  Thank you for helping to keep my head on straight or at least to point out when it has fallen all the way off. I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this without you– moreover, it would have been a lot less fun.  



You are a daily inspiration for our ability to keep learning and evolving. Your courage to move to a different country, learn a new language and to do it all with grace is a motivator to be the best version of myself.  Thank you for adding culture and dimension to our schedule.  Your dedication to thrive while growing is a true testament to personal strength.  Thank you for conquering that challenge.  



For those who don’t know already, Amber is the artist who painted our beautiful tree on the studio wall.  Thank you for bringing my vision into reality and it turned out even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you for your ability to interpret the craziness of my thoughts and your understanding nature.  You have given me the answers and solutions to so many questions throughout the years, and I am so grateful. Thank you.



Your beautiful soul shines so bright.  Before you even speak you can see the kindness in your eyes of what lives in your heart. Thank you for taking the time to learn your own heart’s language so you can speak with it so clearly to ours.  Your ability to deconstruct and recreate a journey for the body, mind and soul has been a gift to all.  Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us in a way that we can find our own path.  



Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve and having a heart as big as you do.  There is an outpouring of love you offer people that is indescribable.  Thank you for your willingness to learn and try new things, and your ability to leave us always wanting a little bit more.  A unique and confident spirit shapes your thoughts, words and actions leaving you a delight to be around and often the highlight of the week.


The Work Trade Team

Thank you to all of you who spend extra time keeping this place moving like a well oiled machine  your contribution and dedication to this place makes everyone’s experience better.   Thank you for your love and tender care of this place


And of course, the one who is always last to be thanked, or seen in action is the man behind the other curtain.  Adam. Thank you. Thank you for supporting my big dreams. From college, to Colorado to Pittsburgh and beyond. Without your support and dedication to my passion, none of this would be possible. Thank you for helping make all of my dreams from motherhood to business owner reality. There aren’t enough words to thank you.


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Claire Baer

I am the meat and potatoes, caffeine and chocolate kind of yogi. I like a good glass of wine as much as a good Om. Yoga has always played a significant role in supporting my athletic lifestyle. In college, I majored in business management with a focus on advertising and marketing. While working at an advertising agency in Boulder Colorado I learned a valuable lesson: “you must sell the truth of the product.” The truth of the matter was, there wasn’t anything I believed in enough to commit to selling. On top of a mountain, while skiing I confessed this dilemma to my husband. His response seemed so simple, so obvious “why don’t you own a yoga studio?” Finally, I had found a way to combine my two passions: business and yoga. The next natural step was to formally go through yoga teacher training. At Core Power Yoga in Denver Colorado I received my 200 hour certification in Power Flow and Bikram styles; in addition, to children's yoga and prenatal. Then, after teaching and living in PA, Dana Barone offered me the opportunity of a lifetime: to become the new owner of Yoga Innovations. In 2012, we celebrated the birth of our first daughter, as well as the new business venture. I look forward to continuing to build the yoga culture in the south hills and sharing the passion I have for the practice- and maybe a tip or two on the juggling act we call life.

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