Stagnation to Flow

There seem to be so many things in life I want to have accomplished that also seem to be so far out of reach. Last year was a year of stagnation, of not moving or changing while it felt like everything else around me was. And then suddenly, this year, my world has started churning. And with all that movement, I feel as if I can do more, be more—and yet, there is still so much that takes time to achieve.


Handstands, for instance. I feel like I’ve made progress, and lots of it, and yet I still can’t hold one for more than five seconds. I know practice will continue to help me progress, but can’t I just get it already?!


We can’t move out of our house until late May to make sure everything goes through with selling the house. So, a month-long waiting game is in store. It feels shameful to even admit this, but I feel impatient with that. Most people take far more time with selling their house. And yet, the feeling of impatience is still there. Can’t we move already?!


These feelings, as shameful or unfair or strange as they might be, are a part of life. No matter what happens, we as humans will have feelings that sometimes don’t make much sense—or they do, but we know we *shouldn’t* have them. We feel the need to suppress, or change, or bury them. And yet, yoga teaches us that these feelings are just that—emotions we don’t have to react to. Yoga gives us a positive outlet to feel completely, get out what we need to get out, and let go of emotions we don’t need. However impatient I am with my handstand progress, every time I get to my mat and practicing strengthening arms and shoulders and core, I let that impatience seep away. And when I do, I move forward a little more, getting closer and closer to full Handstand.


And, taking the practice of calming the mind and emotions off my mat, after I practice I feel just a little more content with how things are progressing. I realize that things are moving forward, however slowly, and there’s no need to rush. I remember how much I love the people here and how good it is to have as much time as I do at the studio. Impatience seeps away. And, whenever it comes back with force, I practice yoga again (I’ve been doing quite a lot of practicing lately). And things start to smooth out in response.


Our practice is there for us whenever we need it, however we need it. Our mats are always there. Use this to your advantage. Use your practice. And you will find that emotions don’t seem quite as overwhelming. And when waves of them do come, yoga will help you learn how to handle them.

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  1. Yogalehrer Werden
    14 hours ago

    The best thing what yoga do is to keep the mind and body calm and composed with increased focus.


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