Our Mommy and Me Class is One Year Old!

This week marks the one-year anniversary of our Mommy and Me classes! It’s been amazing seeing both Mommies and babies stretch, breathe and bond on their mats. We’d like to thank everyone involved, and we hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Are you a new mom who’s curious about what it’s like doing yoga with a baby in tow? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

“Exercise is an important way to regulate changing hormones during and after pregnancy to prevent postpartum depression. Benefits of Mommy and Me classes include building relationships with other moms, bonding with your child, taking care of yourself and setting an example for your child introducing the importance of fitness from the beginning.”


“Many new moms find that the camaraderie of postnatal classes helps offset the sometimes isolating and often disorienting stage of early parenthood.” Jane Austin, a longtime San Francisco Bay Area teacher, says that although moms value the increased physical strength they develop in her class, the sessions offer far more than exercise. ‘Postnatal classes are much more social than regular ones. Sometimes the thing the mamas get most out of it is the connection. If they feel that way, I feel my work is done.’

Perhaps most important, postnatal practice also gives moms and babies the opportunity to bond with each other, both physically and spiritually.

Elise Collins, an integrative Hatha-style instructor, mitigates moms’ occasional frustration with the many class interruptions by holding fussy babies and demonstrating pose modifications for women who have babes in arms.
‘When moms are calm, babies are calm,’ she says. ‘You’re really helping your baby when you take care of yourself.’”
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Like I said last week, “The icing on the cake is the camaraderie you find with all of the other women. It’s so nice to walk into a room and be surrounded by your peers who are at the exact same stage in life.  Motherhood can often be alienating and lonely, especially for those who are pioneers of the family life in their social circle.”

“I want moms and moms-to-be to have a place to feel accepted, loved, welcomed and looked forward to every week. I want a place where they can be exactly who they are at that moment, and give the real answer to, ‘How are you feeling today?’ These moms are encouraged to be shown the raw authenticity of their most vulnerable moments.”


And if you’re thinking to yourself, “oh my kid won’t sit and do yoga for 45 minutes so I can’t come,” don’t worry! Between the Treasure Chest, and our silly sounding breath your child decides just how much “yoga” they want to do. It’s perfectly fine if they decide not to do yoga at some point during class – they can play, and YOU can practice. Half the battle is actually allowing ourselves to take our eyes off our kids when we can so that together we are able to find the balance of focusing on ourselves amongst the inevitable chaos of life.

Children of all ages (big kids, walkers, crawlers, sleepers, infants… you name it) are invited to accompany mom and join Scarlett and I for our Mommy and Me classes on Mondays from 9:45 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Moms-to-be and families are welcome, too! Learn more about our Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, Mommy and Me Agility, and Strong Mamas Power Flow classes, and view our weekly schedule.



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Claire Baer

I am the meat and potatoes, caffeine and chocolate kind of yogi. I like a good glass of wine as much as a good Om. Yoga has always played a significant role in supporting my athletic lifestyle. In college, I majored in business management with a focus on advertising and marketing. While working at an advertising agency in Boulder Colorado I learned a valuable lesson: “you must sell the truth of the product.” The truth of the matter was, there wasn’t anything I believed in enough to commit to selling. On top of a mountain, while skiing I confessed this dilemma to my husband. His response seemed so simple, so obvious “why don’t you own a yoga studio?” Finally, I had found a way to combine my two passions: business and yoga. The next natural step was to formally go through yoga teacher training. At Core Power Yoga in Denver Colorado I received my 200 hour certification in Power Flow and Bikram styles; in addition, to children's yoga and prenatal. Then, after teaching and living in PA, Dana Barone offered me the opportunity of a lifetime: to become the new owner of Yoga Innovations. In 2012, we celebrated the birth of our first daughter, as well as the new business venture. I look forward to continuing to build the yoga culture in the south hills and sharing the passion I have for the practice- and maybe a tip or two on the juggling act we call life.

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