Morning Rituals

It is early morning. The sun is rising heavily over the horizon. I can see the light begin to peek through the windows as I slowly, groggily begin to wake from dreams, curling up inside the covers for five more minutes before the alarm clock jars me back to semi-alertness. Sighing, I throw back the covers, take a deep breath, and open my eyes. Good morning.


After stumbling to the bathroom to brush my teeth, the cold shock of mint begins to help my foggy brain see more clearly. I stretch, yawn, and then find my meditation pillow—and sit down. My legs fold underneath me; my spine, knowing what it needs to do, straightens out; my hands come to my knees in a mudra; and I close my eyes. Only this time, I’m not going back to sleep. This time, I’m closing my eyes to wake myself up.


This is my morning ritual. It is an observance of meditation, every morning, in order to help me get through my day with a little more grace and ease. It is this ritual, done with purpose and ceremony, that helps me stay grounded. I am a person that constantly bounces from one thing to the next—no day is the exact same routine for me. However, through this constant morning routine, I can feel as if my roots are secure. That my foundation is stable. Through this morning meditation, I can stay still and not feel as if the wind has blown me away.


Yoga does this for all of us. It is a ceremony filled with ritual and observance. When we allow our practice to be not just a repetition but a repetition done with purpose, our life changes. We become more present, more grounded, more stable, and more at ease with the passing of the world around us. When we bring the ritual of yoga into our daily lives, we not only better our bodies but we also better our minds. For people like me, routine can be nearly impossible to achieve, simply because our minds don’t jive with the idea of living out every day on a schedule. However, if we bring in moments of routine amidst the spontaneity, we become grounded and secure in our lives.


What is your morning routine? How do you connect yourself better to the world around you? Let us know in the comments!


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