Audio Yoga Class: Connect to Yourself

Sometimes we take yoga way too seriously. Find the fun within your practice with Megan as you work through poses that might normally make you feel frustrated–but instead, find the fun in falling out! Smile as your thighs burn and you lose your balance. Maybe you’ll even find a moment of excitement as you keep your balance when you didn’t think you would.

On the flip side, sometimes we don’t take yoga seriously enough. When we are disconnected from our bodies, we might tend to feel bored, or unhappy, or frivolous within our practice. Megan teaches us how to find the balance between having fun and being deep within ourselves. Learn more about your body!

Use this grounding, strength-building, hip-opening sequence to get deep into your hips–and feet. You’ll be surprised by how much your foot placement matters with regards to opening your hips! Let this sequence dig deep into your roots with poses like Warrior 1 and Tree–and then, through those roots,¬†find more opening with poses like Half Moon and Frog.

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