Dress Code

Our Dress Code

Please wear decent clothing, and by decent we really mean non-revealing. Be mindful of the other students.  Please wear clothing that will not reveal your private parts in full (or partial) glory to your fellow student when you are upside down or in some twisted pose or drenched in perspiration. Attracting this type of attention in class is most definitely frowned upon, no matter how attractive (or handsome) you may be.  Our dress code is just as much for the other students as it is for you.  If you do not comply we may ask you to leave.

Examples for Men

Whether or not you wear a shirt is your choice.  However, do know it is more challenging for a teacher to adjust you in a pose with exposed skin due to your’s and their safety. 

Shorts must be at mid thigh or longer. Appropriate under garments must be worn.


Examples for Women

Look for a shirt that won’t ride up or flop over your headTight fitting will help ensure less movement and more focus on your body then your clothes.

Tip: do a downdog in the mirror before you go- you might notice your pants are more see through than you thought.