YOLO- the Christmas cookie edition

I think I ate nine cookies and two donuts yesterday, and I don’t feel a bit of shame about it. The “health police” might arrest me for saying this, but it’s ok to indulge. I actually think it is possibly important. How I ended up binging on cookies is the direct fault of my own internal “health police.” I keep hearing about how important it is to get back to your “pre-baby” size, and Lord knows that I’m already thinking about swimsuit season. So, I decided to forgo sweets for a bit. Those five days were awful. I think there is something about forbidden fruit (or in this case- forbidden cake) that makes it especially tempting. So, on Saturday I caved. It was a go big or go home kind of moment; I bought a dozen of decedent donuts, claiming they were “for the kids.” Sunday morning I ate more donuts. And then, I baked cookies for the Yoga Innovations staff party. I ate cookies at home. I ate a bunch of cookies at the party. I ate another cookie when I got home. I also ate a cookie this morning for breakfast.

I’m not saying that we should all go on the “all cookie diet.” Or even that we need to eat more junk food. I’m just saying that we need to allow ourselves indulgences every once in a while. It’s easy to get so possessed by the goal in sight- a certain pant size or a number on a scale- that we miss out on having fun. So, I’m advocating a new diet plan that I lovingly call the “Eat More, Exercise More Diet.” It fits nicely into the feasting of the holidays. Don’t turn food down that you want because it might have too many calories. (Do turn food down that isn’t “real food,” such as overly processed junk foods.) And then get to your mat, every week, multiple times a week, every day if you can. Its the best way to beat those winter blues. Enjoy yourself. Those darn teenagers might be obnoxious, but I have to agree, You Only Live Once. You’re going to die some day, anyway. I’d like my path to the grave to be paved with cookies and down dogs.

One a basic level, eating more calories can boost your metabolism, as long as it is paired with exercise. Starving yourself only makes you crave the things your depriving yourself of. And if you’re like me, you’ll eventually break down and it might not be pretty. Soak up all the sweetness life has to offer, because there is plenty of kale and komubcha to go around. Enjoy yourself and find moderation in all things, from cookies to push ups. So if your staring at that bikini, dreading how your thighs will look in June, go ahead, eat another cookie, and meet me at yoga.

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