Why You Should Take More Workshops

Dona JoShould you enroll in a teacher training? Start a juice cleanse? Learn how to do a handstand? Take more yoga, or less yoga? Looking for that next step? Maybe the next step is in a workshop. Yoga workshops are (usually) two hours to delve deeper into yourself and your practice. Here are 5 reasons why you should be taking more workshops in the new year:

  1. Looking to “jumpstart” your New Year’s resolution? Workshops will often kick your ass! Taking the time to pick apart poses, and slowly rebuild them, trains your muscles to move in new and interesting ways. Workshops that focus on the physical practice can be exactly what you need to breathe new fire into your practice.
  2. Learn more about yourself. We all can benefit from taking a step back and actually looking at ourselves. Workshops can be a time of introspection and self-learning. You can discover why you dislike a pose, and how to bring more heart and spirit into your everyday practice.
  3. Learn the whys and hows of the practice. Have you ever wondered why we do so many vinyasas? Or how to do a headstand? Or what is a chakra? Workshops give you the answers as well as an opportunity to ask more questions. If you are wondering why, how, when, what…. anything, come to a workshop.
  4. Move your practice in a new direction. Sometimes the practice can become monotonous. If you feel like there is a “next step” waiting for you in your practice, a workshop can help you grow toward that step. You may know what that step, or you might not. Take lots of workshops. Try on all kinds of new things and what your practice grow and flourish. Yoga is designed to be a lifelong practice. Workshops can rejuvenate your practice, keeping it interesting and fresh.
  5. Build your yoga community. Yoga workshops are a great way to learn what your instructors are interested in. They will often talk your head off about their given workshop subject, if you let them. Also, going through the learning and (sometimes) physical struggles of a workshop builds camaraderie with your fellow yogis. You can bet that if you fall out of a balancing posture, they have fallen too. And you can pick each other up together.
  6. BONUS! Workshops are just plain fun. You get to come to your favorite yoga studio, spend time with likeminded people, exploring your mind, body and spirit. I can’t think of a better time.

So check out our workshop schedule. Sign up for one or six of our workshops, and learn something about yourself soon.

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