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I feel like yoga and I are dating (don't tell my boyfriend). It started subtly, with a class here and there, flirting with the idea of commitment. This went on and off for a while as I saw other forms of fitness (the gym and I go way back). But then one day, occasional yoga wasn't enough. I started going more and more, until I was practicing at home, when I couldn't make it to a class. I was making yoga a priority in my life because, it built me up and pushed me to be better. Then things got intense. I knew it was time to be certified. I had my doubts at first. Would I hate it? Would it work out? But, seriously. It was the best decision I ever made. When I do yoga I feel like I'm alive. It's me dancing with my breath. I want nothing more than to share this with anyone that will give me any of their time. When I'm not doing yoga, I'm probably still doing yoga I'm cooking up some new concoction, working, or taking time to just go with the flow.