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Position:CYT, CPT, Teacher
I must admit my entrance into the world of yoga was thru a back door. I was a “must workout hard” enthusiast who practiced yoga for the "exercise" of it all....until one day I realized that I was getting stronger in ways that had never before seemed possible. My studying included many styles and types of yoga, with different yogis across the United States, Canada and Pittsburgh. It was here, in my own backyard, that I attended my first “Hot Yoga” class. The class was intense, and required a different kind of focus than anything I had previously encountered. I came to recognize the effects of consciously finding stillness and intentionally facing the physical challenges of a yoga practice. The effects have included moving beyond the boundaries of what I thought was possible on my yoga mat and in my life. I knew that after a 23 year career in the fitness industry it was time to commit myself totally to my practice and that of my family, friends and students. This is how Yoga Innovations, LLC was born! My wish is to assist you in experiencing the same peace, strength and stillness in your lives that I am working toward in my own... one breath at a time. Namaste.