The Season of Vata

It’s that time of year again. My favorite time of year. That time when the air turns brisk, I pull out all my sweaters and boots, and my mind turns to daydreams and remembrances. It’s the season of change, of wind, of air and ether; the season of vata.


Within the ancient science of Ayurveda, vata is associated with air and space . (If you need more information on Ayurveda and the vata constitution, click here.) Within the body, it deals with breath and finding space within ourselves. People with a primarily vata constitution tend to be very small and thin, spacey within the mind, and have a particular proclivity for change and adventure. Within the Ayurvedic cycle, each season is associated with either kapha, pitta, or vata—and fall is all about change.


In my own life, fall has always been a season of increased creativity, of a renewed sense of purpose, and of a refreshing feeling that change is coming. My brain is in love with the shifting habits of autumn; the leaves transforming from green to red, yellow, gold, and then finally drifting to the ground to coat the earth in color; the wind constantly moving, sending the smell of quintessential fall into the air and keeping it fresh; and the fresh fruits and vegetables from farmer’s markets—perfection. My own individual constitution is mostly vata, so this season jives with the way I see life—and this is easily shown through my own outlet of creativity; writing. This season brings out the best in the way words fit together, first in my head and then on paper.


It’s the same with my practice of yoga; in order to keep myself grounded, I tend to feel more in tune with my practice this season, not only with studio practices but with practicing at home, as well. With so much change and movement around me, for a vata, this season can easily set me off balance. But with yoga, I can stay grounded while still enjoying all aspects of fall to the greatest degree, watching the change in the weather, the metamorphosis of the plants, and the shifts of the mind without losing my hold on what is still right there in front of me.


This season, if you have a lot of vata constitution within your body, make sure to keep yourself grounded within your yoga practice. Poses that make you feel secure, stable, and rooted down on your mat are essential. Slower practices and a lot of stretching poses within your home practice will help to balance out the space and air of this season. This isn’t to say that good, creative, flighty practices are a no—definitely have those! But every morning or night make sure to ground yourself, giving your body time to slow down and be still within the movement of fall.


For a grounding vata flow with Megan, go to


To test what your own bodily constitution is, go to and take the test! The most detailed way of finding your constitution is to see an Ayurvedic physician; however, this test is detailed enough to give you a good idea!

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