Finding Balance within Pitta

Within the science of Ayurveda, the bodily constitution of pitta has everything to do with fire, energy, and digestion. This energetic fire easily and decisively translates into the season of summer; it is pitta season. As summer comes to a close, the cooling airs of fall begin to trickle slowly in; the heat disperses; and people who have bodily constitutions that are pitta suddenly cool down. (If you would like to learn more about Ayurveda before continuing, click here.)


The season of fall is the most balancing for a pitta constitution. Those who are constantly moving with energy, with purpose, with drive, and with heat suddenly have cooler air to breathe space inside them. (To figure out your own bodily constitution, click here.) If you are an especially fire-y pitta, spend time outdoors in the nicer weather, feeling the wind on your face cool your fire down.


My father is a pitta, from the bottom of his toes to the crown of his head. I remember in high school how on point he always was, moving from one goal to the next with drive and precision. He was constantly working on a new project, either in the backyard or in the house, always cleaning, always working. He flew for both American Airlines and for the Air Force, and was so precise with his flying that his job on base was to teach new students how to do what he did best: fly. His body was always naturally hot to the touch; summers were unbalancing for him. He could never cool off, he worked too hard, and his breaks were offsetting: he was either working like mad or sitting on the couch aimlessly, watching TV.


But as summer cooled into fall, my dad’s energy transformed. Instead of exhausted, overworked Dad, he became more clearly energized. The cold winds that bring fall into existence also brought balance into existence within my father. He spent more time working outside, which was his own personal form of meditation; he spent nights out with me and my sisters and mother, going out for dinner or playing games around the house, and he seemed more content. A little happier. A little more balanced. Because his body felt better in the fall, he felt better. Autumn brought him some much needed healing energy.


It is the same with those of a pitta constitution that become easily unbalanced within the summer. If you are a pitta, use this fall season to help you bring healing energy into your life. Find balance within the cooler weather that takes the excess heat out of your body; find balance within the nourishing foods that balance the digestive system, which becomes easily agitated as a pitta; and find balance within the newfound space the fall winds can give you, finding that extra space within your mind, body, and soul. Give yourself time to slow down just a little. To breathe in the autumnal air and feel content. Allow fall to fill you with the purpose of balancing your body, and watch what begins to unfold.


For a detailed Ayurveda bodily constitution, click on Note that going to an Ayurvedic physician will give you the best research and results; however, this website has been incredibly helpful to me and I am confident it will be to you.


For a morning Pitta Balancing Flow for the fall, click here! And follow along with me as I give you some helpful balancing tools within your home yoga practice for the season.

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