Power Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal friendly classes: Strong Families Power Yoga, Mommy & Me Yoga, Warm Flow, Restorative Flow, and Meditation

Power Prenatal Yoga is designed to soothe away the discomforts of pregnancy with other moms-to-be in a supportive setting. This non-heated class provides both relaxation while building strength, flexibility, endurance and focus customized to both your body and your growing baby’s. No experience is required, and you’re welcome to join us during any stage in your pregnancy. These classes are taught by teachers who are mamas themselves and are well-educated in prenatal yoga and can both support and relate to your experience.

Is Prenatal Yoga For Me?

But I have never done yoga before…
That is alright.  No prior experience needed.

When can I begin prenatal yoga?
Any time during your pregnancy.

What if I am not flexible?
You don’t have to be.  Promise. This is where you can increase flexibility, no matter where you are beginning.   

I’m not exactly “in shape” before this pregnancy.
That’s ok.  We will help increase your strength, flexibility and balance.  

How often should I do Prenatal Yoga?
Once a week will provide relief from aches and pains and teach helpful breathing techniques.  We will learn what we can do at home and on our own time as well.

How much does it cost?

$15/class or check out our package pricing here

10 Reasons Baby Needs You to do Yoga

  1. Strong mama = strong baby. Period.
  2. Alleviate aches and pains. Carrying all that new weight in the front is bound to make your back tight, hips hurt and feet swell. Learn techniques to counter these inevitables.
  3. Build strength. The stronger we are, the more we are able to carry- and the more comfortable it becomes. Build the muscles you need to carry this baby in and outside of the womb.
  4. Increase flexibility. Your muscles get stronger therefore they need more stretch- more elasticity to make them more effective. So when you drop the whatever it is for the millionth time just out of your reach, you will be thankful you went to yoga this week when you can lean a little more into it.
  5. Increase flexibility. Yes, twice. The one above is your physical body. Now let’s talk about the mind. Your Warrior pose might not feel as strong one day as it did before, you might not even be able to get into downdog one day. You learn that is ok. Your birth plan might now go as expected, you might cry the first time your baby sleeps in their own bed… and that’s ok too.
  6. Build confidence. If you can rock out tree pose while growing a human inside you– you are more super hero than you thought. Learn to use and love your body more efficiently through each and every stage of pregnancy.
  7. Improve circulation. Slowing down your breath, focusing on your body helps move the toxins out of the way so everything operates more efficiently.
  8. Teach you to rest when you need to. You have probably heard the age old advice- sleep when baby sleeps. But let’s get real. It’s very hard to settle ourselves down when there is house/business/yard/other children/etc work to be done. Learn the techniques to quiet the mind, even when it’s the last thing you truly want to do.
  9. Identify your emotions. You probably aren’t emotional at all during pregnancy, you swear you would act like this even if you weren’t pregnant… maybe. Then the baby comes. Game. Changer. You are sleep deprived, healing, trying to do it all… and then there is the moment where you find yourself sobbing over your new bundle of joy for ABSOLUTELY no reason. Learn to acknowledge the hormones and be ok with it.
  10. Learn to breathe. If you can manage a full breath, pregnant, in a yoga pose- you can do it when baby decides to scream its pretty little head off because you aren’t feeding “quick enough.” Breathing comes in handy.

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Tuesday 5:45 pm 6:45 pm Allyn
Sunday 9:45 am 10:45 am Claire
5:45 pm - 6:45 pm - with Allyn - at
9:45 am - 10:45 am - with Claire - at
Claire from Yoga Innovations, Bethel Park | Pittsburgh Yoga | Mommy & Me Yoga

I am the meat and potatoes, caffeine and chocolate kind of yogi. I like a good glass of wine as much as a good Om. Yoga has always played a significant role in supporting my athletic lifestyle. In college, I majored in business management with a focus on advertising and marketing. While working at an advertising agency in Boulder Colorado I learned a valuable lesson: “you must sell the truth of the product.” The truth of the matter was, there wasn’t anything I believed in enough to commit to selling. The only response that seemed simple, so obvious was yoga. Finally, I had found a way to combine my two passions: business and yoga. The next natural step was to formally go through yoga teacher training. At Core Power Yoga in Denver Colorado I received my 200 hour certification in Power Flow and Bikram styles; in addition, to children's yoga and prenatal. Then, after teaching and living in PA, Dana Barone offered me the opportunity of a lifetime: to become the new owner of Yoga Innovations. With two daughters of my own, and the addition of all of the other yoga babies in our staff-- YI's family oriented vibe naturally grew with the addition of several of mommy and me, kids and family yoga classes.

After a lengthy battle with chronic headaches, I was quickly hooked on yoga when I realized a handful of classes facilitated the relief no medical treatment had been able to. Continuing my practice, it wasn't until I was faced with the demands of owning a business that yoga truly became a lifestyle and coping mechanism. This sparked my desire to become a yoga teacher and soon after I completed the 200-hour certified teacher training program at Yoga Innovations in 2015. I have a huge passion for helping others manage stress and encouraging the importance of self-care, even when life gets tough, which I truly feel I am able to accomplish by sharing this practice. When I'm not teaching, I run my own business focused on bringing creative strategies and inspiring content to entrepreneurs. I also enjoy catching up on the latest episode of Scandal and I'm an ice cream enthusiast =).

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