Power Fusion Yoga

Heated practice while staying off your hands. This dynamic series has eliminated the planks, Up Dogs, and Down Dogs and swapped in a new flow guaranteed to rock the body and mind.  This class is great a great compliment the Flow practice.  Isolate and define muscles you never knew you had.

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Tuesday 7:00 pm 9:15 pm Elsbeth
7:00 pm - 9:15 pm - with Elsbeth - at

My world before teacher training feels like a dream. I had gone through a ton of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, and had made leaps and bounds on the progress path to normal. The trouble is, I've never even wanted to be normal. Walking gets too boring, when you learn how to fly, and I wanted to soar. I'm a creative type of person, an actor, and I've tasted the infinite in moments on stage and I know how to cultivate it for an audience. But I wanted to cultivate it for me. Unattached to my career. I didn't realize it at the time, but I craved self-compassion. Practicing yoga and studying it in teacher training and then giving it to others? That's the way to do it. Because you can't do it - you truly can't love others until you love yourself. Yoga is my yin and theatre is my yang. I push and pull and morph every day in the rehearsal room for those few moments of revelation, but once I step onto my mat, I stop trying and start doing. I've been able to understand both disciplines much better by cross-referencing them in study. My theatre training helped me discover the breath and applicability of yoga methodology, and yoga has helped me live my creative, ambitious life with more space, grace, and love.

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