Kids’ Yoga

Kids yoga is currently on summer break for the summer

$70 per little yogi    //   ages 5-12

Drop into any class or register for the entire 8 weeks

($12 drop in rate)

4:45 pm – 5:30 pm on Tuesdays 

Little Yogis will gather together for 45 minutes of kid-inspired yoga fun.  Learn the body and breathing techniques of yoga through methods designed just for kids.

Games, crafts, obstacle courses, team building strategies and poses teach the fundamentals and ideas of yoga.

We have found when children are given the opportunity and space to practice breathing and moving with intention, they are able to utilize these skills in their everyday lives. This enhances their ability to conquer challenges and stress with awareness and control.

Follow the link above to purchase your Little Yogi’s Package.  Once you have made your purchase, then go to “My Info”, then “Add Family Member” and fill in the details for your child. Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 3.32.13 PM

Any other questions please call 412-851-9642 or email

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