Audio Yoga Class: Observe Your Programming

Each of us was raised in a certain way, with certain beliefs, disbelief, ideas, values, traditions, even languages with cadence and tone.  We have all had one of those moments when something spills out of your mouth and you can’t help but think “Oh wow, I just sounded like my mom/dad/grandparent right then.”  This demonstrates our programming, or what trails the imprints our experiences have blazed.

Our yoga practice allows us the space to bare witness to our programming and how we react to things that come up.  The trick becomes not to squash our reactive feelings but rather to use the wisdom to guide our actions that follow.  Allow this yoga practice to throw you off your center line and see how your reactions unfold.

Claire Baer

I am the meat and potatoes, caffeine and chocolate kind of yogi. I like a good glass of wine as much as a good Om. Yoga has always played a significant role in supporting my athletic lifestyle. In college, I majored in business management with a focus on advertising and marketing. While working at an advertising agency in Boulder Colorado I learned a valuable lesson: “you must sell the truth of the product.” The truth of the matter was, there wasn’t anything I believed in enough to commit to selling. On top of a mountain, while skiing I confessed this dilemma to my husband. His response seemed so simple, so obvious “why don’t you own a yoga studio?” Finally, I had found a way to combine my two passions: business and yoga. The next natural step was to formally go through yoga teacher training. At Core Power Yoga in Denver Colorado I received my 200 hour certification in Power Flow and Bikram styles; in addition, to children's yoga and prenatal. Then, after teaching and living in PA, Dana Barone offered me the opportunity of a lifetime: to become the new owner of Yoga Innovations. In 2012, we celebrated the birth of our first daughter, as well as the new business venture. I look forward to continuing to build the yoga culture in the south hills and sharing the passion I have for the practice- and maybe a tip or two on the juggling act we call life.

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