Adopt a Family

Our third annual Karma Tree season is upon us. Help us find and support a family in need. It takes a village to raise a family, and often times asking for help is the hardest part. Do you or someone you know need a bit of support this holiday season? YI is looking for a family to adopt. The family selected will provide a shopping list for each member of the family. The shopping list falls under the strategy of “something the need” “something to read” “something to wear” and “something to share” and often the hardest question (for the parents that is…) “Something you want.” These requests hang on gift tags on our Karma Tree in house. Students from our community will take a tag, shop for the item, and return, unwrapped a week before Christmas Day. Our families from years before have received everything from movie theatre family passes, grocery store gift cards to a locking bedroom door for the 14 year old teenager. Submit your nomination for your family, or a friend. All personal information –of the family selected and the one who nominates– is kept confidential. We deliver in unmarked storage boxes, and provide everything from return receipts to gift wrap.

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